BGS Infotech can help your company to create new opportunities for improvement by reducing the costs of managing. We offer a wide range of services that can help transform your business and technology operations to world-class excellence.

BGS Infotech IT service offerings consist of a selection of services that are normally provided in an outsourcing engagement, along with a group of value-added services that can be selected and combined to meet your company's requirements.

• Development and maintenance
• R & D Solutions
• Corporate training
• Software/Hardware Training
• Placement & Outsourcing
• Website design and Maintenance
• Infrastructure and management

Today, application development & maintenance is a daunting task for enterprises. They are under pressure to reduce spends on maintenance, while ensuring optimized performance of their IT systems and applications. BGS Infotech collaborates with customers to understand their business, technology, processes and applications while delivering robust application maintenance solutions. Our solutions help customers reduce cost, minimize risk and achieve improved ROI from their IT applications. Our solutions range from setting up a support organization, identifying the right applications for outsourcing and optimizing the application portfolio. Our service offerings include: Maintenance services: We start with corrective maintenance and evolve to adaptive, perfective and preventive maintenance. Our processes include building simplified cross-referenced models, which document application features and map business processes to application portfolios. On-demand services: Our consulting services are available on-demand and can be implemented prior to outsourcing application maintenance. The services include scalability assessment, portfolio analysis and sourcing strategy. Our expertise covers all technologies like Android, java J2EE, SAP, PHP, drupal PL/SQL, Embedded, VLSI, mainframes, databases and enterprise applications.

R&D Business Solutions delivers funding strategies for innovative high-tech ventures. We specialize in developing funding strategies and securing funding for early-stage R&D in software technologies and products. Whether you're a start-up company with a promising new technology or established firm trying to expand your product pipeline, our funding strategies, proposal development, and business management services are designed to help you develop a game plan for success. Our grant services are designed to secure early-stage funding and test product feasibility. Determining feasibility early on will determine critical business decisions and bring other funding sources to the table. Additionally, our grant management services will help you establish consistency, accuracy, and effectiveness in managing sponsored research projects. Our consulting services are designed to meet specific needs - whether identifying potential funding sources to leverage funding options, or managing sponsored research projects to maintain integrity, quality, and ensure compliance. Our services are available ala carte by the hour or as a complete package tailored to meet your sponsored research needs. We specialize in "bridging the gap" between early product development and commercialization stages - implementing strategies and solutions to prevent the "valley of death" for start-up firms. We provide viable solutions in project planning, building grant pipelines, and securing strategic partnerships.

BGS Infotech Corporate Training services provide a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions to help your business achieve and sustain a competitive edge. Our internationally qualified training team has extensive experience of designing and delivering business and skills training across India. Today's highly competitive marketplace has put great emphasis on important elements like the effective use of resources, increased productivity, faster product development and time to market to beat the competition and succeed. This has increased the need for complex systems and shorter product life cycle. The work force should be trained on these complexities to meet the goal of the organization. This has necessitated the corporate training model where the companies utilize the expertise of experienced trainers for their project specific customized training needs. These training programs are also organized for skill development and retention of the existing workforce.

The goal of every individual who undergo training with us is to enhance their employment opportunity or growth prospects. We certainly acknowledge this fact and will strive hard to try and place every student who has enrolled with us for a course. We have been placing most of our students with good IT companies through regular interactions and placement activity and will continue to do so. We work closely with the students to make them industry ready by providing guidance about the industry expectations and preparations required to meet it through a series of Value Added Sessions.

BGS Infotech enables high performance through outsourcing management. Our experience and global capabilities make us a world leader in application outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing, business process outsourcing and bundled outsourcing. BGS Infotech global outsourcing services touch every industry and business process. We transform our clients’ operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper, while working with visionary organizations to define innovations in strategic outsourcing. BGS Infotech High Performance Business research reveals that top companies invest in competencies that will set them apart from their competitors. High-performance businesses understand that a cost-efficient, highly flexible and scalable infrastructure model allows them to respond to market changes, improve operational efficiencies, elevate performance and jump-start new growth. For them, outsourcing activities that are not core to their mission is an appealing option.

BGS Infotech is a professional web design company that incorporates the professionalism of your business with the graphic designs that customers like to see when looking at a web site. The company ensures that your site will make a splash when it comes to the design so that viewers will want to come back for more. Growth is a big factor with BGS Infotech as they want your business to grow and succeed. The team of designers will “Make IT Possible” by creating web applications, landing pages and other features of your site so that viewers see what the company is about with as little fluff as possible.

Today's highly competitive business environment, coupled with a volatile economic climate, demands that organizations do more with less. In addition to reducing costs, IT infrastructure outsourcing provides a management model whereby organizations can move away from complex and inefficient IT environments and, instead, build IT capabilities that are more scalable, agile, reliable and responsive to business needs. BGS Infotech is uniquely positioned to help organizations maximize the business value of their IT investments and lay a foundation for high performance with infrastructure outsourcing.